Krawall: What are people for? + La Sécurité

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Schwere Reiter Str. 2, 80797 München
Sa, 27.04.2024
Start: 20:00

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About the Event

What Are People For? make the perfect kind of dystopic dance music for our times. Born from a collaboration between artist Anna McCarthy and musician/producer Manuela Rzytki, the band could be the illicit lovechild of Tom Tom Club and Throbbing Gristle, displaying the ideal balance of hip shaking vibes and dark provocative content. The whole project stems from a publication and exhibition by McCarthy laying the foundations for the content and lyrics of the album, which is humorous, poetic and political. As a lyricist, McCarthy uses her storytelling ability to explore anxieties and desires, digging into free surreal word associations reminiscent of Su Tissues’ tongue in cheek experiments with Suburban Lawns, but also explosive and gripping like a Kae Tempest rap. Rzytki’s precise sonic palette and talent at penning structured bangers perfectly complement McCarthy’s playful and subversive language manipulations. Rzytki's beats are rooted in old school Hiphop loop principles and an authentic love for the analog. Her use of an array of synthesizers and other "real" instruments adds to WAPF's depth, soul and sincerity.


La Sécurité (Montréal/Tiohtià:ke) is a collective whose art punk is equal parts: jumpy beats, off-kilter arrangements, and minimalistic melodic hooks; run through an insomniac filter, the result of excessive exposure to the city’s neon lights. The music is all about living dangerously, perfectly agreeable to being blasted onto dancefloors; while the lyrics share the ethos of the Riot Grrrl movement, and celebrate the autonomization of women, friends (mean and nice) as well as benevolence. After years of writing earworms for the pleasure of beautiful weirdos, all the while strutting their style on tour with their many different projects (Choses Sauvages, Laurence-Anne, Silver Dapple, DATES, Pressure Pin, etc.), the motley bunch now meanders the fringes of punk, new wave and Krautrock, mischievously flouting stylistic form every chance they get. These five scattered, yet creatively concerted entities also propose a wide arsenal of D.I.Y. music videos, visuals, screenprints, patented dance moves, etcetera!

Event Organizer

Kunstzentrat e.V.
Schwere-Reiter-Str. 2h
80636 München