Sonic Hypnosis Vol. 1 Heimat/Hunger/Handplant

Import Export
Schwere Reiter Str. 2h, 80797 München
Do, 01.06.2023
Start: 20:00 - Fri, 02.06.23 02:50 Uhr

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SONIC HYPNOSIS - Culture is not an asset


"Almost as if John Carpenter, RZA, and The Slits made a record together.”
Heimat is the French duo comprised of underground figures Armelle Oberlé (The Dreams, Badaboum) and Olivier Demeaux (Cheveu, Accident Du Travail). When Heimat released their 1st LP in 2016 on Teenage Menopause, The Quietus’ David McKenna noted that “various ancient cultures are clashing here, or so it seems – into fascinating ziggurats. ‘Wieder Ja!’, ‘Pompei’ and ‘Afrikastan’ are strange monuments I could stare at all day.” He goes on to say of Zwei (2021), the band's second album that "Its successor retains some of the key features of the debut, such as the macabre mood and Oberle’s incantatory vocals, but this feels like an armour-plated upgrade." Heimat has released a remix LP of their tracks in November 2022 containing takes from the legend Sonic Boom, famous slow techno Tolouse Low Trax and Zohar among others. Heimat just recently supported Fever Ray on tour in April 2023.

'' ...the dadaistic, nervous disco-punk rumble of the ingeniously stupid organ-drums duo Hunger.''
Christoph Rothmeier plays drums, drum machine, trumpet and sings. Jörg Hochapfel plays keyboards, melodica, rattle and sings. They often play music together without playing together, or they invent cruel musical rules for themselves. This sometimes results in songs, albeit with a clear lack of focus. And terrible accidents, they are unavoidable, but welcome, and yet they remain terrible accidents. Numerous concerts and performances since 1996, from the Hamburg Golden Pudel Club to the Taxispalais in Innsbruck and Le Petit Versailles in New York. Hunger juxtaposes music of all kinds (mostly from the 80s), but also rubs musical seriousness and lack of seriousness - in the best countercultural sense - against each other. Trash is not used as a decoration, but is part of the load-bearing walls. In the end, this is always refined into higher nonsense. And with very pleasing results. Come join us at Import Export for a rare performance of this duo, not to be missed.

DJ Handplant
serves up footwork/juke inspired dance music. Rooting back to the pioneering days of hip hop and vibrant soundsystem battles with rapid rhythms. He counts in triplets and dishes out abstract cliches in bass music, while keeping an eye to the dancefloor. Get ready for low key / high energy steppin' at 160 bpm.

Event Organizer

Sonic Hypnosis Events
Leonrodstr 46
80636 München