Orwa Saleh Ensemble + Ghazaleh E

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Schwere Reiter Str. 2, 80797 München
Do, 26.01.2023
Start: 19:30

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About the Event

Orwa Saleh Ensemble

From ancient Syrian tales and contemporary sensations, Orwa embroiders his distinctive colorful music with stories and poems.

The Syrian Oud player and composer who left Damascus in 2012, takes it to the limit and further. With this progressive approach Orwa found his uniqueness through redefining the way an Oud is being played and with his exceptional style of performing and his tunes. Orwa built himself a new home in Austria, sounded by musicians with whom he release his albums: Raheel 2014, The Songs We Still Remember 2019, and The Second Time 2022, participating with windows to the east 2016, winning the integration prize of upper Austria 2015, and performing, composing and cooperating with many projects worldwide.

Ghazaleh E

Ghazaleh E ist eine iranische Komponistin, Multi-Instrumentalistin und Pilzsammlerin, die im März 2020 von Teheran nach Deutschland gezogen ist und seitdem in München wohnt. Sie experimentiert mit verschiedenen Musikgenres: Mal avantgardistisch, mal Postrock, mal Dark Cabaret und vor allem Schwammerl Rock. Auf der Bühne wird Ghazaleh noch von Franz Furtner (Bass) und Flo Kete (Schlagzeug) begleitet.

Event Organizer

Kunstzentrat e.V.
Morassistr. ( RGB ) 4
80469 München