New Basement + Orbital Reflector Sommerfest

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Schwere-Reiter-Straße 2h, 80636 München
Sa, 30.07.2022
Start: 17:00 Uhr - Sun, 31.07.22 05:00 Uhr

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About the Event

New Basement and Orbital Reflector are two Munich-based collectives that share a largely common audience made of lovely and open-minded people,
showing a great amount of support and loyalty throughout the last 3 years, in spite of the pandemic.
Intuitively, the two collectives decided to collaborate, in order to organize an open-air day festival,
celebrating both the beautiful summer season and the friendship between the crews and more importantly, to give back to the community.
Apart from the known faces of NB and OR, many new DJs and bands were invited, playing the outdoor area at daytime and the indoor area at nighttime,
maybe expanded with some unexpected visual or performative surprises…

Funded by Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München

Design: Hanne Kaunicnik

17:00 Scherfe (DJ) 
19:00 Shā Mò + Packed Rich (live)
20:00 Special Act (lve)
21:00 Scherfe (DJ)
22:00 Balearic Eric
00:00 600-cell
02:00 16palomas
03:00 Charlotte Bendiks

in alphabetical order


16palomas is a summer project-group that produces music in emergence through and with amsterdam-based dance- and performance artist Jakob Wittkowsky. Escape into a world of noise, dream pop and bass experiments.


Munich’s very own 600-cell is a well-known record digger, who can light up a party in no-time. He delivers a great variety of styles such as Acid House, Italo Disco and much more, with a passion and appreciation for the 80s and 90s era of electronic music. Check out his radio show „Alloy“ on Radio 80000.

Balearic Eric

Nick aka Leroy aka Balearic Eric is member of the munich-based collective
„Super Sound Global“ that not only hosts event in and around the city, but also shares forgotten pieces of music through their youtube channel. Nick is, in fact, a lover of the balearic sound, but in a DJ set of his, you will also enjoy lots of underground house, as well as Trip Hop, Street Soul and Cosmic.

Charlotte Bendiks

… the northern ambassador of distant intimacy. She likes dogs, Jacuzzis, riding a bike, , bålkos, å få napp, her own oceans of emotions, hummus, Rhabarbersaftschorle, free WiFi, Mezcal, dark days and dark nights, talking fast, dancing slow, serious shit, funny shit, singing, getting dirty, staying away, getting close, going hard, being active, being passive, being together, being there, getting it all. Playful and silly, and therefore confident and sexy, whether as a Dj or playing live, her music is deep, dark, and psychedelic.

„Charlie is a spaced out chica doing dark humour techno hotness!” - Matias Aguayo

Packed Rich

… an original face of the present munich hiphop subculture. Alexis is too young to have experienced the days when pioneers like Pete Rock and DJ Premier were all around. Yet he tries to replicate a certain feeling that relates to that generation: a feeling that lies in the neck, causing a banging motion or nodding of the head. With the MPC1000, Packed Rich creates groves that feel organic and human, characterized through intentional or natural imperfections that the literally lo-fi MPC-based beat production is known for. For this event, Alexis‘ bumpy percussions and jazzy piano lines will merge with the Shā Mò sound in a novel experiment that we cannot wait to present.


Scherfe is a munich-based artist of different fields such as graphics, photography and sculpture. Apart from co-hosting the Show „Welz und Weber“ on Radio 80000, she has been exploring music genres such as New Wave, Punk and early experimental pop, not to mention different styles of contemporary electronic music. After playing regularly at „Unter Deck“, she will this time open our outdoor session, before the bands are taking over the stage.

Shā Mò

shā mò (沙漠) gives us an insight into the school days of the young musicians from Shanghai, China.
During their studies here in Munich, identification with their home country became increasingly difficult, bothpolitically and socially. However, reveling in shared memories from school brings a new, beautiful and almostmythical connection to home. Using elements of Chinese folk music unconsciously, the four-piece band shāmò (沙漠) will present a set full of loud guitars, personal anecdotes and building tension. Thefirst album willbe released in late summer.

Special Live Act

tba soon

Event Organizer

Orbital Reflector
Franz-Marc-Straße 13
80637 München