Monkey Business @ Blue Shell, June 17th, 2023

Blue Shell
Luxemburger Str. 32, 50674 Köln, Germany
Sa, 17.06.2023
Start: 19:00 Uhr - 23:00 Uhr

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About the Event

ACHTUNG! Es wird einen Mindestverzehr von 5 Euro geben! Dafür gibt es zwei Getränkebons für jeweils 3€. 

In addition to entrance, there’s a 5 euro cover to be payed at the door for which you get 2 vouchers for 3 € each.


Join us for an evening of live rock and indie music at the Blue Shell, a two minute walk from the Köln Süd train station with a line up of three powerhouse bands:

The Representatives of Monkey Jack are a four-piece alternative rock outfit from Bonn, Germany with influences ranging from pop to metal, classical, jazz, and folk. Their songs feature human narratives flickering between reminiscing and brooding that emerge in a wide tonal spectrum from gentle, thoughtful, acoustic passages to errant, merciless, head-banging breakdowns.

Instagram: @repsmonkeyjack
YouTube: @repsmonkeyjack

The Absence of Corners ist eine Jenaer Alternative- Rock-Band mit bunt gemischter Besetzung und einem modernen, abwechslungsreichen Song-Repertoire - ohne Ecken und Kanten. Stilistisch werden auch Elemente aus Ska, Reggea, Soul, Rap und Metal beigemischt. Untermauert mit starkem weiblichem Gesang erinnern sie einmal mehr an Bands wie Paramore oder die Guano Apes. Mit selbstgeschriebenen Songs hält sie nichts mehr aufdem Weg nach draußen auf die Bühnen auf.

Instagram: @theabsenceofcorners
YouTube: @theabsenceofcorners

AlphaBrunoGamma - like the slow cooling and coalescing of a deep space gas cloud, so were the origins of AlphaBrunoGamma! Friends of friends drawn were together through a shared love of playing and following music, wherever it may lead. AlphaBrunoGamma is like rock that’s fallen into a bag of musical adjectives; groove, indie, heritage, hard, funk, blues... it all works for AlphaBrunoGamma. Having stayed active through the pandemic A.B.G. now find themselves ready to once again throw a heap of equipment on a stage, plug in, switch on, and see where the music leads. Come along for the ride!

YouTube: @alphabrunogamma6438

After Party: we will pick a bar in close walking distance to the Blue Shell for an afterparty soon.

Bonn Crew: meet at Bonn Hbf in front of McDonalds (Platform 1) at 18.15 to take the RB 26 at 18.34 to Köln Süd (19 minute ride).

Event Organizer

Regina Schäfers
Godesbergerstraße 6
53639 Königswinter