Lecture On LGBTQ+ Rights In Kenya

PATHOS theater
Dachauer Straße 110D, 80636 München
Fr, 03.05.2024
Start: 14:00

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About the Event

Lecture On LGBTQ+ Rights In Kenya

lecture performance

Majic will be discussing LGBTQ+ rights in kenya in a lecture format. The lecture will feature a 15 minute video. There will be a Q&A session at the end where the audience will get the opportunity to ask any questions they may have surrounding the topic.

Majic is an internationally-recognized multidisciplinary creative with expertise ranging from performance arts, podcasting, life coaching, and gender equity consulting. Since their move back home to Kenya, they’ve spent their time and efforts volunteering with various LGBTQ+ organizations, collaborating with other creatives, and creating spaces for aspiring drag artists to pursue their passions. They radiate individuality and authenticity with their very being, liberating others to do the same.

Date: 03 May, 14:00
Location: PATHOS theatre
Language: English
Further information: godragmunich.de / Insta: @godragmunich

Event Organizer

PATHOS München e.V.
Dachauerstraße 116
80636 München