KANAAN (NOR) - KARABA (D) - SPECK (AT) - Behind the Green Door

Import Export
Schwere Reiter Str. 2h, 80797 München
Sa, 20.05.2023
Start: 20:00 - Sun, 21.05.23 04:20 Uhr

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About the Event

Behind the Green Door, el Borracho Booking and Klangschutz Schallplatten presents:


This unheard-of tripple feature turns your twisted head back to weird:

While the hyper productive KANAAN come all the way down from Norway to shake the very foundations of our beloved Import-Export and maybe cure their day-before hangovers from Desertfest Berlin with some Munich beers and heavy psychedelic riffs, the local Neo-Krautrockers KARABA are about to abduct your soul into their progressive sprawling soundscapes of virtuosity and wonder. Furthermore things get stranger with Viennas heavy space rock trio SPECK, who will gently fry your brains with fat bass, drums and electric guitars to round up this unique evening.

But no stop there! That raw live energy needs to be shaken out on the dancefloor. So we flow into a spiral of psychedelic & 60's excotica DJ sets by Skurreal and Nader Safari until 4:20 o’clock in the morning. If that isn't the cherrie upon the cream upon the cake. 

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Behind the Green Door Events
Schellingstr. 116
80798 München