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Schwere Reiter Str. 2, 80797 München
Do, 15.06.2023
Start: 20:00

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lo-fi ambience - hi-fi music

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20.00 Doors + DJ

20.45 Training + Ruth Goller

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Step into the mesmerizing realm of free jazz as the renowned "high performer" duo TRAINING joins forces with the acclaimed bassist Ruth Goller for an extraordinary evening of musical joins forces with the acclaimed bassist Ruth Goller for an extraordinary evening of musical exploration. Drawing inspiration from the innovative "Cadavre Exquis" composition principle, their collective improvisations will transport you into a sonic landscape of meandering grooves, intricate instrumental-vocal interplay, expressive “training” sessions, and weightless unison melodies. Get ready to witness the convergence of boundless creativity and fearless experimentation at this one-of-a-kind event featuring Training and Ruth Goller.



Genres are melting under the pressure of a young generation, that is redefining old statutes and will be seen as a trailblazer for a new found freedom in Jazz. We will continue to open doors into every universe of this ongoing process and invite you to become a witness and part of it. If you think you know Jazz, forget everything and come by …


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> Training + Ruth Goller

The "high performer" duo TRAINING, established since 2019, collaborates with acclaimed bassist Ruth Goller (Skylla). Based on a "Cadavre Exquis" composition principle (the party game where participants collectively draw an absurd image by continuing from a small, visible portion of the previously drawn), the three collectively create new energetic music: meanderin grooves, complex instrumental-vocal layering, expressive training sessions, and weightless unison melodies.


> Training

Within a few years, the duo TRAINING has made a name for themselves. The two versatile musicians, based in Berlin, have performed at Moers Festival, Jazzfest Berlin (in transatlantic collaboration with American musician and producer John Dieterich, known for the experimental rock band Deerhoof), Eurojazz Mexico, Saalfelden Jazzfestival, as well as numerous club tours. They have also realized a concert series in Berlin called GruppenTRAINING, featuring diverse guests.


> Ruth Goller

Ruth Goller is a London-based bassist who has contributed to the development of many British experimental projects. In recent years, her musical focus has been on her own project "SKYLLA," where many of her influences converge. Ruth's compositional style includes microtonal bass harmonics with layers of vocal harmonies.




> Training + Ruth Goller

Das seit 2019 bestehende „high performer“ duo TRAINING geht eine Kollaboration mit der gefeierten Ebassistin Ruth Goller (Skylla) ein. Basierend auf einem „Cadavre Exquis“ - Kompostions-Prinzip (Das Partyspiel, bei dem man gemeinsam ein absurdes Bild malt, indem man auf Basis von einem nur kleinen, sichtbaren Teil des vorher Gemalten weiterzeichnet...), schaffen die drei kollektiv eine neue, energetische Musik: Mäandernde grooves, komplexe instrumental-vokale Schachtelungen, expressive Trainings-einheiten, schwerelose Unisono-Melodien.


> Training

Das Duo TRAINING hat sich innerhalb weniger Jahre einen Namen gemacht. Die beiden umtriebigen, in Berlin lebenden Musiker spielten auf dem Moers Festival, auf dem Jazzfest Berlin (in transatlantischer Kooperation mit dem amerikanischen Musiker und Produzenten John Dieterich - bekannt durch die Experimental-Rockband Deerhoof), beim Eurojazz Mexiko, beim Saalfelden Jazzfestival, sowie zahlreiche Clubtouren. Sie verwirklichten außerdem eine Konzertreihe mit unterschiedlichsten Gästen in Berlin namens GruppenTRAINING.


> Ruth Goller

Ruth Goller ist eine in London lebende Bassistin, die an der Entwicklung vieler britischer Experimental-Projekte mitgewirkt hat. Ihr musikalischer Fokus lag in den letzten Jahren auf der Entwicklung ihres eigenen Projekts „SKYLLA“, in dem viele ihrer Einflüsse zusammenfinden. Ruths Art zu komponieren beinhaltet mikrotonale Bass-flageoletts mit Schichten von Gesangsharmonien.


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Come together brothers, sisters and diverse siblings and... JAZZTIFY!

Disclaimer: We don't believe in anything but music.


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Event Organizer

Kunstzentrat e.V.
Schwere-Reiter-Str. 2h
80636 München