EhrenKlub #4 in Odonien mit Métaraph, Kiwi uvm

Odonien, Köln

Hornstrasse 85
50823 Köln
Beginn Sa, 21.05.2022 23:00 Uhr
Endet So, 22.05.2022 08:00 Uhr
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EhrenKlub in Odonien #4

Samstag // 21.05.22 // Odonien

◉ No more Covid Test needed!

◉ EhrenKlub - Genre-Bending meets Diversity.


The Hard Ones:

* Métaraph

* Cloudy

* Stefanie Rauhuth

* Vero Modus


The Groovy Ones:

* Kiwi  - 4hrs Extended Set -

* Tammo De Vries - 4hrs Extended Set -

◉ Sound by: VOID Acoustics

◉ Early Bird: 15€  + VVK * Kein Mindestverzehr

◉ Phase 1: 18€ + VVK * Kein Mindestverzehr

◉ Phase 2: 20€ + VVK * Kein Mindestverzehr 


❣️To assure the party a safe space for everyone the participation of all is required. Be aware of your own boundaries and respect the boundaries of others!

❣️If you are affected by discrimination, feeling the line being crossed or you can't deal with a situation, turn to the ones around you or to the Awareness Team. We will have 2 mobile teams who you can identify by the red lights.

❣️The Awareness Team can support you in conflicts, has a sympathetic ear and helps you to find a solution.

❣️Stay safe!

Solltet ihr sexistisches, nationalistisches oder diskriminierendes Gedankengut in jedweder Form in euch tragen, so bitten wir euch, von unserem Rave fernzubleiben. Der Schutz von diskriminierungsfreien Räumen - dazu gehört auch unsere Veranstaltung - hat für uns oberste Priorität. 

Meet the Artists:


Métaraph is a non binary multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin.

They are a jewellery designer, DJ, music producer, dancer, performer and one of the co-founder of Orpheus, London based multidisciplinary project that merges conceptual art experiences with rave and multidisciplinary approaches.

They started performing within the London queer underground scene since 2018 whilst they started travelling also across Europe.

They released their first ep Motus Animi on TSA records and many singles for VAs of Durch, Expel your Demons, and more whilst they have been hosting an array of podcasts for numerous labels as Voight-Kampff, Gegen, Dusk and more.

Fast, ethereal, industrial, melancholic and raw journeys are created through their sound journeys succeeding in tearing out the individual inner chaos and transcending it to a higher level of consciousness. The maestro of metamorphosis crossbreeeds genres between hardcore, ambient, industrial techno, hardtrance and psy through hard kicks and sharp percussions always bundled with longing melodies and dark vocals, which they give the necessary polish with a spark of acid.



London based Kiwi has created a sound all of their own over the past 4 years Receiving support from DJ Harvey, DJ Tennis, Optimo, Andrew Weatherall, Daniel Avery, and Erol Alkan to name a few.

London based DJ and producer Kiwi, aka Alex Warren, stepped back into the spotlight in 2017 with the release of their ‘Orca’ EP on Bristol’s Futureboogie imprint. Notable A side ‘Orca’ went on to claim rave reviews from Mixmag, and topped the dance charts on Juno and Beatport for 7 weeks. Following this, Alex saw success with releases on Dusky’s 17 steps, and a vinyl only 12” alongside Joakim on Life and Death, earning acclaim from the likes of DJ Harvey and Gerd Janson among others. Whilst in the studio Alex was also busy on the road, touring Asia (twice), North America, Europe as well a number of UK festivals, including Glastonbury – all whilst holding down their residency at XOYO in London. The past year has seen them earn a reputation for his long winding all night long DJ sets; often genre hopping from Balearic, Disco, House to Detroit-Techno and everything in between.

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