EhrenKlub #1 in Odonien

Odonien, Köln

Hornstrasse 85
50823 Köln
Beginn Fr, 19.11.2021 23:00
Endet Sa, 20.11.2021 08:00

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EhrenKlub #1 in Odonien 

Freitag // 19.11.21 // Odonien

◉ EhrenKlub - Genre-Bending meets Diversity.


CERA KHIN (Lazy Tapes)

Lena (Special Techno Set)

Stefanie Rauhuth (XLRT8 Kleve)

HOE__MIES (Lucia Lu I Meg10)

Leonie Savalas (DIANA)

Sandilé (I´m In Love)


◉ Sound by: VOID Acoustics

◉ Early Bird: 15€ + VVK * Kein Mindestverzehr

◉ Regulär: 18€ + VVK * Kein Mindestverzehr

◉ Es gelten die zur Zeit der VA gültigen Regeln der CoronaSchVO:
- Einlass nur mit GGG Nachweis
- offizieller negativer SCHNELLTEST (max 6h), vollständig geimpft oder genesen
- Maskenpflicht nur am Einlass, Theke und geschlossenen Räumen
- frei bewegen & Tanzen erlaubt!
- fühlt Ihr euch krank, bleibt bitte zu Hause.

Für Clubveranstaltungen reicht wieder ein professionell durchgeführter Schnelltest. ALLERDINGS darf der nicht älter als 6h sein. Wenn ihr also um 23h zu uns kommen möchtet, solltet ihr den Test zwischen 17 und 18h machen. Und achtet auf die Öffnungszeiten  Wer zu spät kommt...

Solltet ihr sexistisches, nationalistisches oder diskriminierendes Gedankengut in jedweder Form in euch tragen, so bitten wir euch, von unserem Rave fernzubleiben. Der Schutz von diskriminierungsfreien Räumen - dazu gehört auch unsere Veranstaltung - hat für uns oberste Priorität. 

Meet the Artists:

😈 Meet Cera Khin, the rising talent shaking up Berlin’s techno scene.

Despite playing her first gig in 2016, Cera has been smashing dance floors all around the globe. Raised in Tunisia & currently based in Berlin, Cera plays ‘Whatever The Fuck She Wants”, from high energy techno to electro, acid rave to early rave, hardcore to gabber… she is definitely not afraid to challenge her audience & increase BPMs whilst keeping it fresh & unique with her promise that she will always bang it out!

Cera Khin runs her ‘LazyTapes’ and released music on tape & vinyl with previous releases from Peder Mannerfelt, Chrtoph De Babalon as well as her own production. More exciting transmissons are planned in the future, keep an eye out.

She also hosts her notorious ‘Rave Apocalypse’ show on London’s Rinse FM and her regular monthly shows on Bristol’s Noods Radio.

🏳️‍🌈 Meet Hoe__mies, Hoe__mies are a Berlin-based DJ Duo and the creators of the same-titled party series that quickly garnered popularity and became one of Berlin’s favorite nights.

What sets them apart is their political approach to make the music scene more inclusive for womxn, non binary and trans people. They serve as a platform for DJs and performers often overlooked by the mainstream, and challenge male dominance in Hip Hop and other so-called urban genres.
As a sound system, Lúcia Lú and Meg10 have played at a great number of German festivals, such as Dockville, Melt and many more.

In October 2018 they won the first Red Bull Music Culture Clash that took place in Germany beating three of the most renowned male German producer teams with their crew consisting almost entirely of women, BIPOC and LGBTQ artists.

Hoe__mies DJ sets take you on a ride, from Hip Hop & RnB, Dancehall, Baile Funk, Afrobeats, Reggaeton over to House, Techno and Jersey Club. They are heavy on the booty bouncing music, featuring explicit and sex positive lyrics and of course lots of female and queer energy.

In February 2020 Hoe__mies took off with their Spotify Original Podcast “Realitäter*innen”. Each episode they invite guests and have conversations about
identities and topics that are underrepresented in the mainstream, such as masculinity, polyamorous dating, sex work, body positivity and many others.

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