Bürgerhaus Glockenbachwerkstatt
Blumenstraße 7, 80331 München
Fr, 31.05.2024
Start: 20:00

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About the Event

Chimdi is a Nigerian Artist currently based in Munich and curates Modern African Music. 

He started music as a child back in Nigeria with the church choir, learning to play different African percussions, the piano and to sing. In 2016, he moved to The Ukraine where he lived for 6 years, understanding and mastering Music Compositions and Production alongside his studies in the Medical School of V.N Karazin National University in Kharkiv. The war in 2022 caused a relocation to Germany where he began his career as a musician, producing and writing songs that blend beautiful established rhythms from across Africa with modern known sounds and genres. 

Chimdi’s music is enchanting, filled with grand melodies, sounds and words in Nigerian Pidgin and English, that touch the soul. His catalogue, started in 2023 includes: 

– I AM: His debut experimental album created in 2022 with an iPhone and explores social and personal reflection in mix of various music styles paired to rap

– IGWE: First post album single that layers soulful percussion with spoken word poetry  

– WELL DONE: A single and lead project for 2023 that brings African funk to life 
– WARRIOR: His latest single that showcases the presence of Electronic Dance Music within African music culture. 


“Chimdi: Live at The Glocke” is his debut concert, performing songs from his already released catalog and a taste of his upcoming summer EP, WEST AFRICAN ELECTRIC MUSIC. He is joined by CHEIKH, the wonderful percussionist that will deliver an introductory demonstration on The Significance of African Percussions to its culture and the amazing DJ ROPA that is sure to leave you dancing with her sets well into the night. 

Event Organizer

Bürgerhaus Glockenbachwerkstatt
Blumenstraße 7
80331 München