CBI Impro Workshop

Filmhaus Köln
Maybachstraße 111, 50670 Köln
Di, 11.06.2024
Start: 10:00 - 18:00 Uhr

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About the Event

Im Juni ist Robert Marchand mit einem Workshop zu Gast in Köln. Der Einführungsworkshop gibt einen Einblick in den Prozess der charakterbasierten Improvisation (CBI) und bietet Werkzeuge für Regisseur:innen, Schauspieler:innen und Drehbuchautor:innen, die sie in ihrer eigenen Arbeit anwenden können.

Der Workshop wird in englischer Sprache gehalten.



This one day workshop about the Character-Based Improvisation Process provides an overview, highlights and tools for directors and actors to apply in their own work.

“Filmmakers who have experimented with impro without previous guidance tend to get indifferent results and feel they’ve lost control – CBI provides coherence and a system, along with creative possibilities beyond any chaos.”

Many filmmakers love the spontaneity and immediacy of the performances they see in improvisations but encounter difficulties transferring that to scenes in their film. This workshop explains how CBI Process provides a clear structure for the director to work with while enabling them to retain control.

The Seminar (morning)
This session consists of an introductory overview of the CBI Process – a ‘walk-through’ of the process with explanatory material and a Q & A session to conclude. The session examines how films are made using the CBI Process. As the name implies, CBI Process is built around improvisations. The preparation and guidelines for these improvisations set a framework within which experiments and discoveries can be made: how the director retains control and builds the work is demonstrated. The process is logical, practical, easy to understand – and easy to apply. An important aspect is the way an actor can create a character with surprising depth, detail and history – and how this is applied to the immediacy of performance. All the tools within the process can be applied to conventional scripted drama projects.

Outcomes from using CBI Process will be examined in detail. Certain foundational concepts guide the work: these are explored through discussion in the morning and then demonstrated practically in the afternoon session.

The Workshop (afternoon)
The Character-based Improvisation Process is practically demonstrated with the participation of an actor or two. The steps to building character and relationships are explored, director-actor interface is discussed and micro-narratives are examined; demonstration improvisations are staged followed by scene construction. This programme will reference, where possible, the participants projects and characters to provide maximum relevance to their own work-in-progress.


Who is this workshop for?
Filmmakers, writers directors and selected actors. If you have a project in development, have a profile of a leading character to hand for consideration in the discussions.



Venue: Filmhaus Köln, Maybachstr. 111, 50670 Köln

Time: 10am - 6pm (incl. lunch)

Number of participants: Maximum 15 

Costs: 58 € (15 places)

Registration open until 31th of May


Workshop Director Robert Marchand
Dr. Robert Marchand is the foremost expert of the CBI Process. He has created workshops for actors, filmmakers and writers in many locations and many languages. He conducts special workshops for various acting and film academies, arts bodies, theatre companies and individuals as well as mentoring filmmakers at every stage of their projects, running dedicated workshops tailored for their specific needs. He is also an experienced screen director as well as conducting significant research into improvisation in drama for his PhD thesis. His European workshop tours have included cities from Berlin to Zagreb and he now mentors emerging and established filmmakers all over the world.


For further questions please contact CLAIRE VILLIERS, CBI WORKSHOP CO-ORDINATOR.
More info on the website.

Event Organizer

FK Filmhaus Köln GmbH
Maybachstrasse 111
50670 Köln