Cafi Chanta w/ Ÿuma + Dïma Band

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Schwere Reiter Str. 2h, 80797 München
Do, 07.03.2024
Start: 19:30

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Doors: 19:30   Start: 20:00

Ÿuma: A Tunisian Folk, world and alternative music duo, composed by Sabrine Jenhani and Ramy Zoghlemi. Their passion for the same genre of music gave birth to the Duo Project named Yuma, named and chosen for its several meanings, allies in native american dialect, good friends in old North algerian berber dialect, beautiful or graceful dancer in Japanese ...Ÿuma’s 1st album named "Chura" is a mix of many from their beloved influences such as Folk, Blues, Ethnic, Rock and spiritual music. Itknew a great success through their country, then through eastern country and Europe. Both Songwriters and composers, the duo made ofthis album a bitter sweet mix between the unbreakableand weak,brightness and darkness.

The album was out on March 2016 and it contains 7 tracks written in Tunisian Derja, the national spoken langage, inspired by old sayings of grandmothers, poetic ancient tunisian langage, tales and adages thatinspired the young tunisian generation but also traveled through europe. Smek one of the songs from this album was remixed by the great German Dj Rey & Kjavik and rricardo Villalobos. Liya Snin also has Inspired Kamiel Rongen, a Hongarian visual artist.Sabrine and Ramy met and performed together 1st at the Ephemere Electro Music Festival on 2013 with a tunisian Dj named Benjemy. 

Late on 2015, the duo started uploading three-minute alternative covers, mashing-up oriental and occidental songs through whatthey have amassed over 1M views. 

Magically, they’ve known a great success with their 1st album and had been touring through Tunisia, their homeland, then many times on tour in France, play at Festival villes de musique du monde in Paris, No border Brest, Trans musicales Rennes, Reeperbahn Festival in Germany, Visa for music in Morroco, les vieilles charrues Britany…

ŸUMA - Nghir Alik | نغير عليك (Official Video)

 Dïma Band: Hailing from the vibrant city of Munich, Dïma is a unique and harmonious fusion of three Tunisian talents that will transport you through time and across borders with their distinctive sound. The band’s skillful use of their instruments, combined with their heartfelt performances, embarks you on a voyage that spans continents and epochs. “Cafi Chanta“ is in for a unique treat as Dïma embarks on a musical adventure that pays homage to their North African and Oriental roots. A bold departure from their usual pop and rock set, this performance promises to be a captivating celebration of culture and tradition. Dïma is no stranger to Munich’s iconic venues, having graced the stages of some of the city’s most renowned music establishments. Their infectious energy and captivating sound make every performance an unforgettable experience.

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