Talstraße 90, 79102 Freiburg
Do, 23.11.2023
Start: 20:00 - 23:30 Uhr

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About the Event

AUTOBAHN live im Swamp!

AUTOBAHN have checked their own moral compass, and chosen the hard way – not just building their own studio, but to keep confronting the dark stuff. But their music is infused with the joy of exorcising the darkness: to be there, and rise on through. There is a future, and AUTOBAHN and The Moral Crossing are very much part of it. (toughloverecords)

Autobahn reinvents the north for the now in an utterly compulsive, powerful and modern record that is like going round the corner from one of those soulless coffee bars and discovering beat up old red brick warehouse festooned with the beauty of the purple buhdlia and a band rehearsing deep inside with their magical music floating out.
Driving, powerful and passionate – there is not one bad song on this album – it’s a complete work and a masterpiece of tapping into addictive darkness of our past and reminding us that that we cannot escape its attractive desolation. (louderthanwar über das Album Dissemble)

The Guardian: AUTOBAHN – New band of the week

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Sumpfkultur e.V.
Erzweg 1
79117 Freiburg