g a b b r o + Le Millipede

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Schwere Reiter Str. 2, 80797 München
Do, 23.03.2023
Start: 19:30

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About the Event

„As We Walk“

The movie is the result of an amazing undertaking: a walk along the Belgian coastline in the company of a camel, two fellow musicians and a camera crew. Hanne De Backer, inspirer of g a b b r o, presents the film in combination with a live concert. 


Le Millipede

aka Mathias Götz is a passionate trombonist, composer and multiinstrumentalist, as well as a bird connoisseur. Like his records, Millipede's live performance is a voyage of discovery of folk and jazz.

Event Organizer

Kunstzentrat e.V.
Morassistr. ( RGB ) 4
80469 München